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Australia's Leading Cloud Integrators


Digital Certification Camps

are targeted at firms who are

looking to become

Xero Level 1 App Advisors.

Another 1st of its kind, the CloudIntegration.Partners Certification Camps have gone 'Digital'.

The Digital Certification Camps are targeted at firms who are looking to become Xero Level 1 App Advisors and would like to get in-depth training on working with a Cloud Integrator to build their advisory services.

Now split over three separate sessions, we are providing an opportunity for all attendees to complete both Interactive Workshops and discuss Retail/Wholesale and Trades/Construction.

Session 1: Evolution of App Advisory + Eeni, meenie, miney App!

Monday 10am-2pm AEDT - Live on ZOOM

Session 2: Retail + Wholesale - Interactive Workshop

Tuesday 10am-2pm AEDT - Live on ZOOM

Session 3: Trades + Construction - Interactive Workshop

Wednesday 10am-2pm AEDT - Live on ZOOM


Partners who become Certified will be recognized by CloudIntegration.Partners and will get listed on the CIP Certified Partner directory and gain access to exclusive content and collaboration in the CloudIntegration.Partners community platform.

Who should attend?

  • Are you interested in recommending apps to your clients but don’t know where to start?

  • Would you like to build an advisory service but don’t want to add additional resources to look after set up, training and support?

  • Would you like to learn how to find new opportunities for advisory work and how to structure the billing?

  • Would you like to know what apps you should be using internally to build an advisory service?

What will I learn?

Session 1:

Monday 10am-2pm AEDT - Live on ZOOM

The Evolution of App Advisory

App Advisory is the buzzword of the moment. There is a growing expectation for Accountants and Bookkeepers to recommend apps and provide advisory services and with this comes the need to evolve and adapt your services to suit today’s market. Discover the current state of play and projections for the future of finance.

  1. The state of the union

  2. The push to recommend apps

  3. What's standing in your way? How do we get around these?

  4. What are the 3 levels of app advisory?

  5. Why did we create CIP? What's in it for you?

  6. Advisors have App Paralysis. How do you pick which apps to recommend?

  7. Apps that can power up your practice - the difference between Practice Management Apps, Shared Use Apps, and Operational Apps

  8. What services can you offer to extend your services and add new revenue streams?

Eeni, meenie, miney App!

The world of Apps is forever expanding, shifting and evolving and choosing the right app can difficult to navigate. In this session, we look at the complexity of apps, levels of integration and what it takes to stay abreast of all the changes in order to ensure the solutions we recommend are the best option for your client and their unique needs.

  1. Riding the wave of evolution

  2. The numbers don't lie

  3. The single most important responsibility you have to your client.

  4. Embracing the roles of the GP & the Specialist

  5. Choosing the right App Stack Functions

  6. Integration Mapping Across Verticals

  7. Integrations - The good, the bad and the ugly

  8. Who is Frankenapps and how do you get started in helping him?

  9. How to get started with ‘Light Touch Advisory’. Build a conversation around cash flow.

Session 2: Retail + Wholesale - Interactive Workshop

Tuesday 10am-2pm AEDT - Live on ZOOM

Session 3: Trades + Construction - Interactive Workshop

Wednesday 10am-2pm AEDT - Live on ZOOM

What's covered:

The purpose of these workshops are to highlight to CIP members the opportunity to:

  • Experience the areas of discussion that would be covered in a scoping session based on a vertical case study

  • Develop the opportunity to identify 'Symptoms' both Financial and Operational based on a vertical case study

  • Consider the App Advisory Services you could offer and the potential lift in revenue to your practice

  • Consider the Practice Management and Shared End User Apps you would recommend and method of offering them to your clients

  • Discover how the 'Operational' apps the Cloud Integrator Specialist recommends can help us solve problems in a better way.

  • Explore KPI's you will measure and the tools you use to measure success

We will be presenting at this workshop a business scenario that is typical of many businesses in the Retail/Wholesale and Trades/ Construction verticals.


What does it mean to be a Certified Partner?

Discover how to find new opportunities to grow your practice and how to monetize your services. Receive insights and extensive knowledge from renowned cloud integrators as they take you through an interactive scoping session. Learn best practices on how to partner with CIP to leverage your ongoing role as an App Advisor which will enable you to advise with confidence.

Does CloudIntegration.Partners offer CPD hours?

​As CI Partners is independently run CPD / CPE hours may be claimed solely on a self-assessment basis. It is your responsibility to judge, which educational seminars are relevant and contributes to your professional and personal development

How do I claim CPD hours?

​For ease of record-keeping, we will provide you with a downloadable Agenda.

In total the agenda consists of 4 hours worth of educational content.

For further evidence to accompany your own records, you will also receive an email after the event, which will confirm your attendance at our CloudIntegration.Partners Certification Camp.

Even though it is Digital, we have kept the session capacity limited to 20 attendees.

Ensuring maximum engagement and collaboration with no comprises of content.

Camp Testimonials 2019

Camp Testimonials 2019

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Constant learning allows growth and innovation. Tune into our Cloudcast sessions or read our blog for stories to inspire your journey.


Partner with Australia's leading Cloud Integrators to extend your offering and provide complete app stack solutions to your clients


We help bookkeepers and accountants become Level 1 App Advisors with hands-on training at our live events.


Advise with confidence knowing you are backed by a network of industry experts. We help you find the perfect apps for your client and provide implementation, training and support services.


CIP certified partners gain access to a private, interactive network where learning and collaboration support them on their advisory journey.

Past events

MEET OUR presenters


Technology training specialists dedicated to helping Construction, Trades and Service businesses.

2019 CIP Cert Camp MELB-031.jpg
Clinton Cowin

When Clinton first discovered how technology can help his existing plumbing business, he quickly became an expert and started to help others.

SMB Consultants.png
SMB Consultants

We specialise in integrating Retail & Hospitality iPad POS systems with Xero Online Accounting.

2019 CIP Cert Camp MELB-024.jpg
Jeffrey Atizado

Jeffrey's passion for technology has been with him throughout his career in Retail, Music and Fitness. Now he helps educate businesses with the same passion.

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