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The Road to Becoming an App Advisor

This month we caught up with one of our CIP partners, Olivia Story of Blue Gecko Bookkeeping, to discuss how her App Advisory journey is progressing since she attended the 2018 CIP Intro to App Advisory Certification Camp. Olivia candidly steps us through what she learnt from the 2018 CIP App Advisory Camp and how these learnings have helped Blue Gecko Bookkeeping grow its offering. She also discusses her experience partnering with CIP on client projects and her asprations for Blue Gecko Bookkeeping's future. If you have just moved into App Advisory or plan to in the future, we invite you to view this Cloudcast and hear first hand from a successful bookkeeping business the trials and tribulations they have experienced on the road to App Advisory.

Interested in attending one of our App Advisory Camps? Dates and locations have already been announced for 2019 and tickets are on sale now.

Hope to see you there!

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