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Melbourne App Advisory Camps

This week the CIP App advisory Camps hit Melbourne to help a new group of partners begin their advisory journey and to catchup with our certified partners, to refine and scale their processes at the advanced course.

The goal of our Intro course is to help bookkeepers and accountants feel confident moving into app advisory.

With such a strong push in the industry to diversify and adapt we have found many bookkeepers and accountants knew they should be moving into advisory but were feeling a little lost and over whelmed with the 700+ apps available in the Xero ecosystem.

Where do you start? How do you get your business ready to offer advisory? And how do you price these services?

This was the motivation behind starting the CIP app advisory camps, to help you evolve your practice and then your clients businesses, with the help of cloud software.

Jeff has a great analogy for the way that we work with our partners:

“Think of the relationship between the GP and the specialist, the GP doesn’t try and be an expert in all things, they know how to leverage their network of specialists.

They identify the issues and symptoms of the client then refer them to the appropriate expert.

This is a perfect metaphor to explain the synergy between accountants/bookkeepers and app integrators”

Jeff Atizado

Recently, there has been a lot of press surrounding late payments and the adverse effects this has on SMBs.

Xero's Small Business Highlights shows how on time payments can be key to success and longevity of your clients businesses. Payment systems and debtor management has been a crucial area we are helping our advisors to conquer for their clients in the Advanced course.

"SMBs that are paid slower than average have 3 percentage points’ lower revenue growth than those paid faster than average." Xero

On 19th and 20th of August CIP will be bringing their app advisory camps to Brisbane. Limited tickets are still available so get in quick to secure your spot and join our growing community of app advisors!

Register to attend here:

Interested in attending a camp but don't see an event in your area?

Register your interest here and stay informed on our upcoming events.

Thank you to our 2019 camp sponsors:

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