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CloudIntegration.Partners is a partner program for Xero Bookkeepers and Accountants.  It combines two of the original cloud integrators in Australia, SMB Consultants and TradiePad under one program - making it easier for Bookkeepers and Accountants to access the right add ons in the retail, wholesale, hospitality, trades and construction verticals for their clients.

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What is CIP?

The Incredible Network Effect


Grow your advisory business by helping your clients find the right add-ons to harness the automation possibilities with Xero – all seamlessly integrated.

Our Team


 Peter Klein

Joint Managing Director   SMB Consultants

  Clinton Cowin



    Jeffrey Atizado

Joint Managing Director

  SMB Consultants

Our Story


In 2009 no one knew what a cloud integrator was because they didn’t exist yet. Around this time Jeffrey Atizado and Peter Klein were heading a fast paced retail technology store. Clinton Cowin and David Robbins were running a successful plumbing company. As small businesses, both were short on time and resources, so they began to research ways to streamline their processes. After experiencing the profound effect an integrated system had on their operations, they were compelled to share it with other business owners. Launching in 2010 and 2011 respectively, SMB Consultants and TradiePad introduced Australian businesses to cloud integration and have been leading the way ever since.


Having presented at numerous Xero events, TradiePad and SMB Consultants realised the demand faced by accountants to provide their clients integrated solutions for the retail, hospitality, trade and wholesale verticals. Since the success of the 2014 Xero Road Show they have successfully partnered with hundreds of bookkeepers and accountants, so they decided to join to create CloudIntegration.Partners to make it easier for accountants and bookkeepers to find an experienced Cloud Integrator who can help them find the right add-on for their clients.


CloudIntegration.Partners pair you with an experienced consultant who can assist you and your client with selecting the perfect cloud solution. We provide your client with configuration, training, hardware and ongoing support, keeping you in the loop every step of the way. Streamlining the way potential and existing partners access resources, send enquiries and book consultations, they see the portal as a springboard for many successful collaborations to come.

The Add Ons


The largest marketplace of Xero add-ons supported by Certified Experts 
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Our Partners


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“I love SMB Consultants. I send all my Vend, Kounta work to them now as I just don't have time to work in that space. They do a great job and the most important part is that they handle the ongoing support. For those of us that have been down the road on cloud integration, the setup is the easy part - it's the ongoing support that takes time and can drain our resources as advisors. I have been very happy with them.


Melanie Power - Head of Bookkeeping, Xero

I always refer my clients to Clinton, Murray and the TradiePad team because I know they are the best and most experienced in their field. They really care about helping trades and service businesses choose the most appropriate software for that business, and then providing the very best implementation and training. This is such an important part of a tradies business that it really does need to be handled by experts.


They've looked after a lot of my clients up and have always done a great job. I recommend them anytime.


Annie Pearson - Admin Happy

"We love working with SMB Consultants because they empower the financial information that we receive into Xero thus allowing us to better advise clients on the financial position of their business."

Anna Samios - Samios Partners

Sandra from SMB Consultants helped us with the initial set up of Xero, integrated with our POS Kounta. With this being our first small business and my background being a teacher, I didn’t know where to start and was overwhelmed with the support that she provided me. I feel confident knowing that my systems are set up correctly and that if I ever have any problems, Sandra is only an email or phone call away. With all the stresses that come with owning a business, having this support is invaluable.


Born & Bread Bakehouse

I came across TradiePad while researching which software might suit some of my Tradie clients. I sat in on a  scoping session they did with Jason at Snowy River Plumbing, and quickly realised that I didn’t need to try and become an expert in Cloud Mobility software as these guys had already done the “hard yards."


TradiePad advised that a job management software, Tradify, would tick the most boxes for Jason, then sent him a proposal outlining the training schedule and implementation costs, including support.  This whole process was very smooth and simple and Jason is now embracing the new technology and seeing a measureable ROI.

Tracy Thew - Tracy Thew Bookkeeping and Business Solutions


I was recommended SMB consultants by my accountant. There were a number of processes within my business that were to labour intensive and Brett recommended SMB to see what was in the market place that could help me save time and reduce errors. SMB consultants were so helpful with service and support. The company has a real customer service culture.



Boston Macarthur - Pandora

Warmest thanks for the excellent service you and your SMB support team have provided - from training to on-going support. I appreciate your prompt response/action to resolve any issues I've had. Your support helps the transition from MYOB Accounting to Xero a smooth one. It is great to know that I can count on you and SMB support team and that I am never going it alone.



Noi Burke - Swimart

At CUBE Consulting we teach our clients to work smarter, not harder. There are many parts to this, but one of the most critical elements is to find the right business management application (or App) to help manage your business. For the last 5 years, TradiePad have been our trusted referral partner to help our clients with this. We know you can't do it all yourself, and that's what we teach our clients. You need to build the right team of trusted advisors around you to help with the right advice. Clinton and his team at TradiePad are our go-to guys. They have a great understanding of the App environment, and what's likely to work best in any given business. Their training, follow-up and support is first-class, and they help our tradie business clients take their operations to a much higher level.

Cube Consulting Group work with hundreds of small business owners around Australia, and TradiePad help us deliver great results faster. We can't speak highly enough of their professionalism, expertise and attention to detail in the way they support our clients.


Mark Hudson & Matthew Jones - Cube Consulting Group


Thank you for helping my clients to grow their business with the Cloud applications and advice that your team provide. Your team really understand what information and systems tradies require in order for them to focus on the business.


The vast and in-depth knowledge of the tradies industry really helps understand what information and tools are required at specific stages of their business. So thank you again for helping my clients grow and prosper.


Alon Bernstein - Managing Director
Organic Numbers 

I’ve run the Compliance Bookkeeping practice for 14 years, and  throughout that period I have always looked for the perfect Productivity Tools for my various clients.

Once the domain of large IT firms with large Implementation fees, the new generation of cloud apps were exactly what my clients needed. And that was when I lucked into TradiePad. They map out the complexities of the Clients business needs, setup the system, and train the client.

Clinton and his team are the perfect implementation partners. They utilise a tried and true methodology of determining the best fit for the client, through their scoping sessions, and when a bookkeeping partner is required in my area, they hop on the phone and call me.setup their accounting system, and together we flick the switches that make it all real. Together, we work in lockstep to help get the client into a position where the client can live up to the TradiePad motto 'Lose the Paperwork, Find the Time!'


I have clients that swear by TradiePad and their level of friendly, professional, and knowledgeable support, and I swear by them as well!


Allan Vermeylen - Compliance Bookkeeping


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