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March News

Welcome to our newsletter for the end of March. It’s been a big few months here at Cloud Integration Partners. We attended the Xero Roadshow, in 9 different cities, and the inaugural Accounting Business Expo - it was HUGE! It has been great meeting new people and introducing them to the benefits of cloud integration and also catching up with old friends and hearing the stories of how their clients are benefiting from having fully integrated business processes. In this issue of our newsletter we will look at a case study of one of our clients and how integration has changed their business, we will also introduce you to one of partners and we have an awesome Xero hint. If you have any feedback or would like us to write about specific topics please get in touch at

Meena Berry from PWC trys our add-on puzzle

Meena Berry from PWC Australia has a go at our add on puzzle at the ABE in Sydney


If you need to open two sets of Xero books at once you can do so by opening one in an incognito browser window. An incognito browser window does not save your site activity so it looks like you are a different user, this means that Xero will allow you to log in again and open a different Xero instance. To open an incognito window right click on your browser icon and pick “new incognito window” or “new private window”. Your other browser windows will stay open.


John Rapson from Lawrence Rundle Rapson Business Consultants (also known as Achieve Financial - ).

Rundle Rapson is a full service accounting firm with offices in the Newcastle region of New South Wales. TradiePad has been working with John’s clients for a few years now, John has seen the value first hand of outsourcing integration work to a specialist.

"I am fully aware that the best outcomes occur from specialisation. I specialise in accounting, business advice and compliance, and while I consider myself an expert in Xero, I simply cannot stay on top of all the add-ons in the Xero space. I leave that to independent experts like TradiePad and SMB."

John Rapson -


On March 16th we ran a webinar around Navigating the Add-on puzzle. Clinton and Jeff discussed the issues that your clients face when trying to find the right add-ons for their business. We then heard from Karla Hourigan of Infinesse in Echuca in Victoria about how she brings Cloud Integration Partners into the business to augment their own integration efforts. If you missed out here is the link :- Webinar Link

CASE STUDY: Rubber Duck Plumbing – TradiePad customer

Shane from Rubber Duck Plumbing is a sole trader in Sydney. He was completely disorganised. Shane’s appointments were written on whatever came to hand and often forgotten and missed. He was drowning in paperwork and cash flow was suffering. Shane used no technology in his business and was a self-described “dinosaur”. TradiePad worked with Shane to introduce apps on an iPad that Shane can take on the road. He is able to run everything from the truck, he can order from Suppliers, book jobs and of course invoice on the go, helping with cash flow. Shane loves the freedom and the extra time that getting organised in the cloud has given him. He now knows that, after having about 12 hours training from TradiePad, “you can teach old dogs new tricks”. See a video that Shane made for TradiePad : - Here


You have had a chat with your client and you can tell that they would benefit from some integrated software to help with business processes, what next? All you need to do is register your client as a lead on our website Rest assured we will never contact your client without talking to you first about their needs. Once you have registered the lead a member of our team will contact you and talk you through the next steps.

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