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Xerocon Brisbane 2019

Another Xerocon over! It always seems to pass too quickly!

Every year is a little different. This year was no exception with a real fun and relaxation feel in the Exhibition Hall with the skateboard ramp, wellness area, colour spot where you could relax and have

your nails painted and not to mention the barber shop. The CloudIntegration.Partners stand was diagonal to the barber shop, and they never stopped. Jeff naturally took advantage and got in quick for the first haircut of the event! But the real showstopper was when Trent Innes had an X shaved into his hair!! (Check out our Facebook album for a pic!)

One of the most popular spots during the event was the boardroom where you could design your own skateboard deck with the help of some decals from a local artist. It was amazing how creative and individual everyones boards were! Everyone really put on their artist hat to create amazing deigns for a cool Xerocon keepsake. I guess the whole skateboard idea came from Rod Drury, anyone remember Xerocon 2014 when a skateboard was Rod's mode of transport during the event?

Last year when I wandered around the exhibitors stands I collected a lot of pens, this year didn’t see any pens but did score a lot of lollies. Xero even had a yellow sweet stand, all yellow lollies and yellow iced donuts. Yum....must check and see if my dentist uses Xero!!

Another hit was our Goodwill Wines competition! We decided that this year we wanted to do away with plastic swag and provide a prize with a purpose. Every attendee that visited our stand was scanned and entered into our draw to win a double pack of wine. 14 winners across the two days of Xerocon and each winner choose a charity which would receive 50% of the money from the purchase of the wine. A double win really!

It was great working the stand again this year talking with delegates that are still looking for solutions to their app advisory as well as catching up with so many of our CIP partners who popped in to say hi. We have such an amazing group of passionate professionals in the CIP community! We even managed to organise a last minute group shot with some of our partners at the close of the event.

I noticed a real difference this year. Last year people knew about the apps and

were curious but this year people were very app conscious and wanted to know

more about how they could help their clients.

So, time to put the feet up for a few days before the next wave of events start.

A new round of our App Advisory Camps begin in October starting in Brisbane. I'm looking forward to helping many more bookkeepers and accountants move into app advisory with this training!

Finally, Xero announced that Xerocon 2020 will be held in Sydney! Can't wait to see what a new location and venue brings to the event. One thing you can be sure of, it will be the must attend event on everybody's calendar! See you there!

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