Accountants, Inventory Management Is Everyone’s Job!

5 things you should be doing to promote your company’s profitability If you work for a retail or wholesale business, inventory is your biggest asset—and potentially your biggest liability. Knowing what you have in stock at any given time is essential to a healthy balance sheet and humming sales activity. When inventory levels aren’t optimized, you’re in danger of losing sales and customers due to stock-outs or spending too much to house excess inventory and slow-moving items. Overstock also ties up much-needed cash flow, which can strain relationships with suppliers and even your bank. 1. Use an inventory tracking system. If you aren’t already tracking your inventory, you should! Whether you

Xero Scaling for Growth Workshop

What a fantastic day spent at Facebook HQ for the Xero Scaling for Growth workshop. It was a full day of workshops delivered from the likes of Facebook, Hubspot, Stripe and Think & Grow. A great opportunity to network with our app partners in the Xero ecosystem and learn tips on how to maximise opportunities to scaling our business for success. Interested to read about some of the content we covered? Check out Xero's blog on the event, you'll even read a nice little quote from TradiePad GM, Scott Simpson! READ XERO BLOG

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