Brisbane App Advisory Camps

Last stop on this round of App Advisory Camps was beautiful Brisbane where we were joined by groups of progressive bookkeepers and accountants keen to expand their knowledge and skills in app advisory. App Advisory is really a new area of expertise for bookkeepers and accountants, and it is a big one! Not only in the sense of how it can expand your business and become a new source of revenue but also because the size of the app ecosystem is vast and forever growing and evolving. So how to you start your app advisory journey? How do you know which apps are the correct ones to recommend to your clients to help them achieve greater business visibility and financial success? These are all questi

What the Heck is Cloud Integration?

A big thank you to Lisa from The Uncomplicate who came along to the CloudIntegration.Partners Intro to App Advisory camp in Brissie this week! We love when our partners are so excited about app advisory and our camps that they use it create content to help grow their clients knowledge. Check out her recent blog on cloud integration here.

What is Cloud Integration?

Jo McCauley of Jigsaw Tax and Advisory, and who is also the creator of support network group Tradie WAGS, recently joined us at the CloudIntegration.Partners Sydney Camp. While spending the day expanding her knowledge on apps and technology to help her clients and followers she also took the chance to interview Elliot Spirrett, Ecosystem Partner Manager at Xero. Check out the video below and head over to the Tradie WAGS blog to read Jo's full article on cloud integration and the effect it has had on her business. "Advising our clients that they should have a stack of 5 different applications to have a well functioning business, and then leaving them to navigate their way through is not going

Melbourne App Advisory Camps

This week the CIP App advisory Camps hit Melbourne to help a new group of partners begin their advisory journey and to catchup with our certified partners, to refine and scale their processes at the advanced course. The goal of our Intro course is to help bookkeepers and accountants feel confident moving into app advisory. With such a strong push in the industry to diversify and adapt we have found many bookkeepers and accountants knew they should be moving into advisory but were feeling a little lost and over whelmed with the 700+ apps available in the Xero ecosystem. Where do you start? How do you get your business ready to offer advisory? And how do you price these services? This was the

How to become a cash flow guru – free e-Guide for accountants

5 steps to healthy cash flow for you and your clients Poor or unpredictable cash flow is a big concern for many businesses in Australia and New Zealand – 48% are struggling to achieve good cash flow and 35.5% say cash flow is their biggest pain point, according to recent stats from Xero online accounting. Which is why many SMBs are turning to accountants and bookkeepers for advice. By becoming a trusted cash flow adviser, you can help your clients to stay financially stable, to pay their bills and to create the funds needed to grow. This guide is your practical blueprint to helping your clients achieve healthy cash flow, in 5 easy steps: Make the most of cloud accounting Review pricing Make

CIP Camp visits Canberra and Sydney!

Our team of CIP app experts hit the road recently to kick off the 2019 round of App Advisory Camps in Canberra and Sydney. This year we were once again joined by groups of progressive bookkeepers and accountants keen to grow their app advisory skills at our Intro to App Advisory camp and the NEW Advanced camps. The Intro to App Advisory camp is our starting point for bookkeepers and accountants who are looking to move into advisory. In this camp we cover how to get your business ready for advisory with practice apps, financial apps and operational apps. We explore the different levels of integration and how to identify the perfect app solution for your clients in a hands on workshop. The Adv

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