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How to become a cash flow guru – free e-Guide for accountants

5 steps to healthy cash flow for you and your clients

Poor or unpredictable cash flow is a big concern for many businesses in Australia and New Zealand – 48% are struggling to achieve good cash flow and 35.5% say cash flow is their biggest pain point, according to recent stats from Xero online accounting.

Which is why many SMBs are turning to accountants and bookkeepers for advice.

By becoming a trusted cash flow adviser, you can help your clients to stay financially stable, to pay their bills and to create the funds needed to grow.

This guide is your practical blueprint to helping your clients achieve healthy cash flow, in 5 easy steps:

  1. Make the most of cloud accounting

  2. Review pricing

  3. Make it easier to get paid

  4. Focus on debt management

  5. Get proactive with cost management

Step 1 – Make the most of cloud accounting:

You will likely already know the cash flow benefits of managing finances in a modern cloud accounting platform like Xero, which means you’re best placed to advise your clients on the same – and introduce them to the apps in the wider cloud ecosystem.

There is a wide range of fintech and integrated cash flow apps that you and your clients can benefit from, such as:

For the rest of the steps, and insights from business leaders who’ve been there – download the full guide, for free, now.

Guest post written by Emily-Jane Shurey - GoCardless

For more information check out the GoCardless Website

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