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Brisbane App Advisory Camps

Last stop on this round of App Advisory Camps was beautiful Brisbane where we were joined by groups of progressive bookkeepers and accountants keen to expand their knowledge and skills in app advisory.

App Advisory is really a new area of expertise for bookkeepers and accountants, and it is a big one! Not only in the sense of how it can expand your business and become a new source of revenue but also because the size of the app ecosystem is vast and forever growing and evolving.

So how to you start your app advisory journey? How do you know which apps are the correct ones to recommend to your clients to help them achieve greater business visibility and financial success? These are all questions we answer for our partners at camp. Showing them how to interact with their clients and helping them to grow their knowledge on the difference between certain apps, the importance of integration between apps and how to identify what your clients needs are so you can advise on the perfect solution successfully.

True, you can never be an expert across all of the apps. The most successful cloud software options all have one thing in common, they focus on a particular vertical and solving a problem within that. That's why CloudIntegration.Partners was initially formed, a collaboration between expert cloud integrators SMB Consultants and TradiePad who each specialise in one vertical. Together they strive to help bookkeepers and accountants find the right solution for their clients through a collaborative ecosystem approach. The most successful app advisors leverage the skills of their professional network, after all, there is nothing more powerful than a group of experts combining their with unique skills for a common cause.

Our next big event on the calendar is Xerocon where CloudIntegration.Partners will be exhibiting. If you are attending, be sure to come and find us to chat about all the different cloud software options, your clients and how you can advance your app advisory skills.

We are excited to announce that we will be launching new dates for our next round of camps shortly so stay tuned and we hope to see you at camp soon!

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Thank you to our 2019 camp sponsors:

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