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What is Cloud Integration?

Jo McCauley of Jigsaw Tax and Advisory, and who is also the creator of support network group Tradie WAGS, recently joined us at the CloudIntegration.Partners Sydney Camp.

While spending the day expanding her knowledge on apps and technology to help her clients and followers she also took the chance to interview Elliot Spirrett, Ecosystem Partner Manager at Xero.

Check out the video below and head over to the Tradie WAGS blog to read Jo's full article on cloud integration and the effect it has had on her business.

"Advising our clients that they should have a stack of 5 different applications to have a well functioning business, and then leaving them to navigate their way through is not going to help anyone. There needs to be a tailored, systematic approach so that the products work in the way they were designed, and work for your specific business needs."

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