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Deputy - what is all the hype?

Deputy is a staff scheduling and time and attendance program that is a complete staff management solution.

Deputy is used by many businesses where they have staff who work by the hour. It started in the hospitality and retail industry and it serves those industries very well but it can work in any industry where staff scheduling is required.

The way it works is that all your client’s staff are loaded into the system with their pay conditions such as the award they are under and their grade or their pay rates. You can also load up qualifications so that you can make sure you have the correct skill set scheduled on the shift.

Schedules are created and costed so your client can tell what a shift will cost before it is even worked.

Employees can get notification of their shifts sent to their phones and can accept the shifts so they are confirmed. When a staff member arrives at work they can clock on in various ways and when they are done they clock out.

This creates timesheets that, when approved, will export out to payroll software such as Xero, and MYOB. No rekeying, no data entry errors.

Clients will save time with the ease of scheduling, and communicating the schedules to their staff, payroll will be streamlined and by the time it is exported to the accounting software it just needs a check to authorise rather than hours of calculating and data entry.

Staffing is one of the biggest expenses for most businesses, Deputy allows the business owner to keep track of staff, in real time, online, from anywhere.

CloudIntegation.Partners can help you and your client work out if this program is right for your client, it won’t suit everyone and there may be a better solution, we have the expertise to know this. Contact us at CloudIntegration.Partners and see how we can help!

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