Who would use Aroflo?

Aroflo is a very advanced Job management system that can also be used for project management for smaller building projects.

The typical Aroflo user would be a trade like a Plumber, Electrician or Builder.

Aroflo has field capability which allows your client to stay in contact with their staff on site.

Aroflo can schedule recurring maintenance for customers so your clients will always know when they have work scheduled. Projects can be managed from one screen, tracking project costs, progress invoices and allocate the inventory.

Timesheets can be completed out in the field with Aroflo, this is used in both wage calculations and billing labour.

Aroflo integrates well with Xero, MYOB and Quickbooks. What this means is that the data is entered once and it flows through all the integrated systems to where it needs to be. No double handling. Systems are kept up to date in real time and are accessible online from where you are.

CloudIntegation.Partners can help you and your client work out if this program is right for your client, it won’t suit everyone and there may be a better solution, we have the expertise to know this. Contact us at CloudIntegration.Partners and see how we can help!

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