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CLOUDCAST - Heather Smith

In the October edition of the CIP Cloudcast we are thrilled to be joined by author, accountant and industry influencer Heather Smith! Heather's enthusiasm for technology and vast knowledge of cloud software has enabled her to become a unique mentor to the industry. She is passionate about helping people streamline their business and increase productivity and shares wisdom through her online content, podcasts, social media updates and books.

"There's nobody I know that knows more about the add-on marketplace ecosystem than Heather." Trent Innes - Managing Director - Xero

In this Cloudcast we discuss Heather's journey and the advisory services she provides, current market trends and challenges for accountants and bookkeepers today plus, we dive into the recent Xero small business insights report and explore which reporting and business intelligence apps Heather recommends for Advisory! Hope you enjoy this fun and unscripted Cloudcast chat with respected thought leader and key person of influence in the accounting industry, Heather Smith!

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