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Xero Roadshow Wrap UP

9 cities, 3 weeks, 8 plane rides, 36 cups of coffee, not enough of those chocolates, countless awesome conversations, the Xero roadshow is done and dusted for now.

TradiePad throws a mean frisbee

Thank you for coming out to see us at the roadshow, we had a great time telling you the CloudIntegration.Partners’ story and explaining how a move to well integrated, Cloud Based software can help your clients with their business processes.

We also loved hearing your stories, how you have moved or are moving to the cloud, how you are loving the freedom of working your own way and the ease of using Xero. We know that you are now seeing the benefits of working in the cloud and are looking for that “next thing” to make life easier, you saw some of those awesome programs at the roadshow.

Don’t spend your valuable time working out which of the programs are right for your client! Call or email us and we will help you. We have done the research, we are already experts, we know what works and how to make it work properly.

This may be what we got up to while you were in your sessions (yes that is Clinton with a frisbee…)

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