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ServiceM8 - who uses that?

ServiceM8 is a Job Management system, it is great for businesses that have one off jobs that they need to book in for clients as well a regular booked in jobs. Examples of these are Pest Control, Cleaners, Garden Services, Locksmiths and Tree Services.

It is an iOS only system that can be used in the office for admin and then out in the field for on the go scheduling and invoicing.

What this means is that you can have a service business that takes phone/email bookings for jobs from clients. The person taking the booking can look at where their staff are in real time and who has free time, the booking can then be sent to the worker in the field immediately. That service person will get a notification on their Iphone or Ipad with all the job details including directions for how to get there. You can even send an sms to the client telling them who is coming and when.

The job can be invoiced onsite when it is completed and payment can be taken then and there or invoicing can be left until later.

All invoices can then be sent through to Xero, QBO or MYOB live via an integrated link.

This add-on can save time in a business that would otherwise be spent on scheduling staff, writing up jobs and manually invoicing. Integrating the software with the accounting package means that data only needs to be entered once and it will flow through to where it needs to be.

CloudIntegation.Partners can help you and your client work out if this program is right for your client, it won’t suit everyone and there may be a better solution, we have the expertise to know this. Contact us at CloudIntegration.Partners and see how we can help!

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