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When would a client use Dear?

Dear is an inventory management system that covers all aspects of stock control. This includes purchasing, manufacturing, selling and of course accounting for the stock.

A typical user of Dear might be a wholesale distributor of goods or a manufacturer. It could be a business that sells products B2B or B2C.

Clients can use the program to track stock from start to finish. They can buy stock in one piece ready to sell or they can buy parts that they manufacture into a finished product. They can produce purchase orders from the system when stock runs low or can purchase to order based on sales.

The Sales process is also run through Dear, which can be integrated with a website such as a Shopify website, if they sell online or invoices can be raised directly in Dear. There is a comprehensive quote, pick, pack and ship process or products can even be drop shipped.

The final process is the seamless integration to both Xero and Quickbooks online. Data is transferred to the accounting system without the need to rekey any of the information.

Your client will save time with reduced data entry time. They will also find that they have very good stock control which of course translates into money, if they are not holding excess stock or worse still losing stock, they will free up cashflow for other things.

Your client will be able to have real time, online access to their data wherever they are.

CloudIntegation.Partners can help you and your client work out if this program is right for your client, it won’t suit everyone and there may be a better solution, we have the expertise to know this. Contact us at CloudIntegration.Partners and see how we can help!

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