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I've heard of Trade Gecko, why would a client want it?

I’ve heard of Trade Gecko, why would a client want it?

Trade Gecko is an inventory management system that allows your client to track their stock, manage purchase orders and automate backordering.

A typical business that could benefit from Trade Gecko would be a wholesale distributor or a manufacturer. It could be a business that sells B2B or B2C.

You client will be able to add all their products to the system in as many different variations as there are. Products can be grouped if your client sells several items as one unit (such as manufacturing). They can create sales orders that can be converted to sales invoices and record payment.

The system also records purchase orders, either linked to sales orders or stand-alone based on stock levels. When the stock arrives, it is received into Trade Gecko and the purchase invoice is recorded.

Sales and purchase invoices and supplier and customer information can be seamlessly sent to Xero through an integration. If an invoice is marked paid in Trade Gecko, it will show as paid in Xero.

Your client will be able to have real time, online access to their data wherever they are.

CloudIntegation.Partners can help you and your client work out if this program is right for your client, it won’t suit everyone and there may be a better solution, we have the expertise to know this. Contact us at CloudIntegration.Partners and see how we can help!

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