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Breakfast at the new Xero HQ

CloudIntegration.Partners "Amplifying Cloud Integrators Breakfast" hosted by Xero was held in Sydney last week. The event was really well received. We had a great turnout of Bookkeepers and Accountants who were keen to learn more about partnering with Cloud Integrators to provide advisory services, adopt apps and provide ongoing support service to their clients.

A big thank you to Bryan Williams from Xero for organising the breakfast and inviting CloudIntegration.Partners to take part. We were very excited to learn that this was the first EVER event held at Xero’s new Sydney HQ and have a sneak peak around the new office.

Thank you also to our CloudIntegration.Partners representatives Clinton Cowin from TradiePad and Peter Klein from SMB Consultants, both of these gentlemen are specialists in their verticals and have boundless knowledge in their chosen fields. We feel very lucky to have them as part of our expert team.

Like Xero, we truly believe the ecosystem is all about collaboration and combining our unique skills to provide an elite service to our clients. CloudIntegration.Partners was created to make it easier for Bookkeepers and Accountants to access the right add-ons in the retail, wholesale, hospitality, trades and construction verticals for their clients.

We understand that Cloud Integrators and the service we provide is still quite a new concept to most clients. To help you explain what exactly we do, we have provided a FREE pdf download which you are welcome to share with your clients. This can be used to start the conversation about adopting cloud-based software and technology into their business and the benefits it will offer such as greater visibility, better efficiency and increased profitability.

If you are interested to learn more about CloudIntegration.Partners, or discuss in detail how we can work together to help your clients, please register as a partner or submit a lead via our website

Don’t forget to check our CloudIntegration.Partners Facebook Page for more images from the CloudIntegration.Partners Sydney Breakfast!

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How do we partner

  • How do we benefit

  • Client engagement timeline

You can find answers to these directly on the CloudIntegration.Partners FAQ's page

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