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CloudIntegration.Partner's retail and wholesale experts SMB Consultants successfully hosted their first ever breakfast information event for LifeInStyle exhibitors last Saturday.

The topic ‘Are you Amazon Ready?’ created a lot of interest and the event was sold out with over 60 attendees.

Topics covered included:

- What is Amazon, and what’s the hype around it?

- Amazon as a friend, foe, and frenemy

- How you can prepare and list on Amazon

- What the omni-channel journey looks like

Joint managing Director of SMB, Jeffrey Atizado, was joined by Akul Dewan, Head of Partnerships, at Trade Gecko. Also on the panel was Susan Venebles, owner and director of Juju & Co.

Akul went through the the both the Vendor Central and Seller Central models that Amazon run. Each device has its benefits and value as well as costs and risks.

Optimal product type was discussed and the benefits of increased sales balanced against lower margins and potentially high volume of product supply - and the risks of not fulfilling supply demand.

Highlighted were the benefits of extending your brand through the Amazon reach balanced against the costs and risks involved.

Being Amazon ready starts with ensuring your inventory management system is setup and capable of effective interface to the Amazon engine. Trade Gecko is one of the wholesale inventory systems that has already been setup with Amazon interface capacity

It is planned to run this event around effective omni channel sales initiatives at the next LifeInStyle event in Melbourne in August 2018.

If you are interested in this topic and would like to learn more, please register your interest to attend the Melbourne LifeInstyle breakfast and contact CIP retail and wholesale experts SMB Consultants to ensure your business has the right cloud software in place to make it Amazon ready.

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