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App Advisory Cloudcast

In our August 2018 Cloudcast we're exploring the push towards App Advisory and what this means for your business: In the leadup to Xerocon we have seen a lot of attention focused on Advisory services and how Bookkeepers and Accountants can expand their offering to stay relevant in today's shifting market. In this Cloudcast CIP expert cloud Integrators, Jeff from SMB Consultants and Clinton from TradiePad are joined by special guests Steph Hinds from Growthwise and Deb Mirisch from Biz Synergy for a discussion on App Advisory and how they each service their clients. View this webinar to learn about.... - What is App Advisory - The different levels of Advisory - How to advise clients confidently - How Steph and Deb structured their Advisory business - The benefits of partnering with a Cloud Integrator - Xero Certification This Cloudcast was conducted as an interactive discussion with experts practising App Advisory and lead to a very interesting discussion on what steps you need to take in your business to become an App Advisor.

If you have any questions or would like to find out more about how can work with you on your advisory journey, please contact us:

Happy viewing!

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