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TradiePad & SMB Consultants are CloudIntegration.Partners - Your App Advisor Specialist Partners

With over 700+ apps in the Xero ecosystem, there is a growing expectation for Bookkeepers and Accountants to recommend apps to their clients and become App Advisors. Cloud Integrators are helping to bridge the gap between the financial advisor and clients by helping to navigate and recommend the right applications.

Two of Australia's original Cloud Integrators, Jeffrey Atizado (SMB Consultants) and Clinton Cowin (TradiePad) sit down to discuss the current issues with App Advisory and the options available on how to partner with a Cloud Integrator.

SMB Consultants, in conjunction with Tradiepad, form a partner program called CloudIntegration.Partners (CIP). This program is aimed at accountants and bookkeepers who want to recommend apps to their clients but do not want to provide the set up, training and support services to their clients. CIP becomes a one-stop-shop for accountants looking to refer clients across 5 Verticals: Retail, Wholesale, Hospitality, Trades and Construction making it easier for partners to access addons that are supported by Certified Experts. SMB/Tradiepad will decide which are the best apps for their clients business and provide set up and support to the client eliminating the need for the accountant to become an expert in this area.

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