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Benefits of a Paperless business

We're on a mission to help all businesses become paperless. We absolutely love hearing from like minded people too. What are the benefits of running a paperless business? We asked some of our Bookkeeping and Accountant friends what they thought was the number one advantage of going paperless.

Sally Hams from Balance Books loves how much time being paperless saves you. Time is money and being paperless means your business will run in a more organised fashion, receipts and documents are easy to locate, edit and send saving you from hours flicking through a filing cabinet or manilla folder to locate what you need. Being paperless also makes your business more compliant as all documents are safely stored as digital files in the cloud easily accessible when needed. The ATO loves it and so will you!

Lily from BGL is a bit of a greeny at heart and in her opinion the best part of running a paperless business is that you are saving the trees! Less paper used in the office not only saves trees from being cut down but will also save you a ton of money in office supplies in the form of paper, inks, pens and pencils. So being paperless is great for the environment and for your hip pocket!

Kathy-Maree Bartle from Books Alive Bookkeeping believes the best thing about using cloud software instead of paper is that you eliminate the chance of accidentally losing your receipts or having them fade to the point where the purchase details are no longer legible! If you don't have a receipt you can't claim it at tax time! So being paperless ensures you can claim all your rightful deductions.

Having worked in the creative industry for years, Fenella Kernebone has witnessed the pains that paperwork can cause for some people, receipts everywhere and everything being a bit of a disorganised mess. She loves that cloud software helps to streamline this process, making life a lot easier. But the biggest benefit of being paperless? "You're less likely to be called up by the ATO" she says!

Nicole Lynch from Streamline Management has a more practical approach. Why is she an advocate for a paperless office? Two words. Paper Cuts! Nasty little things that sting like buggery so it is safety first for the ladies at Streamline Management. No paper means no more paper cuts and that will definitely make the world a better place.

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