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New Invoicing features in Xero

Have you noticed when you are creating a new invoice whether there is an option to Switch to New Invoicing? If you don’t have access to the new invoicing don’t worry, you will get access soon.

In line with Xero promising us smarter technology the new invoicing feature makes it easier and faster to create and manage your invoices. Every time you create invoices Xero learns from what you have entered so that it can suggest and make it easier when entering future invoices.

Some of the new features include:

  • Select a currency for your invoice as well as search for and select a currency you haven’t yet added from within the invoice. (for Premium plan users only)

  • Edit your contacts address or phone number from within the invoice.

  • Show and hide invoice fields.

  • Approve and send an invoice with one click

  • Share a link to an online invoice with your customer from your draft or approved invoice.

Xero are releasing the new invoicing gradually and some feature are not yet available. Some of the upcoming features include

  • Create repeating invoices

  • Add a billable expense

  • Create and manage invoice reminders

  • Discounts

  • Files

To read more about the New Invoicing check out Xero Central

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